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Our Story

Due to years of experience in developing, design and marketing MayoGames has become one of the leading video game producers¹. Worldwide known and popular games like ProPlay Clicker helped us to become what we are today. The numerous employees¹ try to keep up the great work and release new awesome games so stay tuned!

Our Mission

Our products already kind of revolutionized the way we think about games, but we want to go further - we dream about a future full of MayoGames and people enjoy playing them, we dream about a future where it is impossible to not know MayoGames and about a future where MayoGames help to stop all of the world's problems. But we can only achieve this if you download our games and buy as many things in it as you can and maybe you can change the world.¹


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¹ Information based on studies by reputable specialists as well as dreams of myself