Dungeon is a Structure-Generation Demo. It uses procedural generation to create massive buildings. Also see an elaboration about
procedural generation (German)



Solitaire is a brand new game from MayoGames with a revolutionary concept the world hasn't seen - yet. Try it out for free and get fascinated by one of the best games humanity will ever experience.


Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers creates paintable pictures that YOU upload and fill afterwards. It could be a picture of your pet, your belongings or even yourself. The possibilities are endless. Decide how many colors you want and how big the picture gets. Everything is up to you.



MEINCRAFT is not what you think it is (maybe).



Can you STAPEL crates up to the moon and even further? Proof your skill in this fancy game and beat your own Highscores!


Game of Life

The Game of Life is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Conway in 1970.
Note: Game may not be compatible with every browsertype


ProPlay Clicker

Ever wanted to be Pro Player? Then this game fits perfectly to you! ProPlay Clicker is an accurate simulation of becoming a professional gamer - click, buy all of the numerous upgrades, change the look of your character and easily you will become a ProPlayer!


Beads for kids

Let your creativity go crazy and create whatever you want. Create whole pictures by placing beads in an infinite number of colors that you can construct. Furthermore, you can save your creation, show them to your friend and much more cool things. Have Fun!

Download Beads for kids

Stickman Jumper

Stickman Jumper is an inovative and fun casual game! Beat your highscores by jumping as high as you can, avoid Enemys or tricky obstacles and boost your score by using one of the numerous boost items!

Download Stickman Jumper

Coming soon!

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